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Perfection and beauty belong together. Aesthetics isn't just a matter of surface, color, or material ... it is also expressed through aerodynamic design and other technical details. The designers and engineers at BMW M know that form and function go hand in hand, and they work to combine them into a single, spectacular work of art.

Exterior Design

The BMW M5 Sedan. A vehicle that combines the best of both worlds - classic elegance and aggressive performance.

The striking athletic look is seamlessly integrated into the flowing silhouette of a sedan. The exclusive Monte Carlo Blue metallic M paintwork shows off the M5's racing pedigree and its tapered front lets air simply glide past. Its high-performance transmission and compound disc brakes are cooled via the air inlets. The exposed wheel arches surround the optional 20-inch, forged M light-alloy wheels. The curved M exterior mirrors deflect the wind. The M rear spoiler and diffuser provide a powerful backdrop for the final sporty touch added by the twin tailpipes.


Driving Dynamics

First the M high-performance chassis was completely redeveloped. Then came the hardest test, the Nurburgring, where the M5 was tested and calibrated. The result? Impressive driving dynamics and agility, as well as a large amount of precision and control.

The two front-suspension strut towers are connected to the chassis by a suspension cross-brace in aluminum. Localized stiffening of the front of the car optimizes stability and increases the precision of steering responses. Combined with the M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine, it creates an automobile that sets new standards for dynamic driving.

Active M Differential

Get more traction and greater stability when cornering - even on snow, gravel or ice. The Active M Differential supplies optimum traction and supports the dynamic purity of rear-wheel drive - both when accelerating out of corners and maneuvering on slippery surfaces.

The Active M Differential offers precise handling in cases of extreme lateral acceleration or uneven road surfaces. The active system is connected to the DSC by an electronic control element and proactively imposes an intelligent locking action - completely independent of the differences in rotational speed between the right and left rear wheel. The results of this channeling of drive power are optimum traction and better handling, as well as increased agility.